Logging In


Using a login account ensures HIPAA compliance by preventing unauthorized access to protected health information (PHI). The login also identifies the owner of files that are submitted and the resulting reports, and allows each submitter's data and edit configuration to be kept separately.

How to log in

Access to all Alpha II Software Solutions applications starts at the Alpha II Software Solutions Login page. To reach the Login page:

1.Open your Internet Explorer web browser.
2.In the address bar, enter www.alphaii.net and press the enter key on your keyboard.
3.The Alpha II Login page is displayed. Enter your submitter ID, user name, and password and click the Login button.

(Please note: The submitter ID and user name are not case sensitive; however, the password is case sensitive. Also, if an incorrect password is entered five times in a ten minute period, the account will be locked. If this happens, please contact your support representative for assistance.)

Screenshot illustrating information in previous text

After you are logged in, you are presented with the Application Selection page.

If you need assistance logging in

If you are unable to log in or you do not know your submitter ID, user name, or password, please contact your practice management software vendor for assistance.

If you license an Alpha II product directly through Alpha II, please use the Help Desk contact information shown below:

Alpha II Help Desk

Telephone: 850-668-3922

Email: support@alphaii.com